• Espadrille Femme Manol

    Espadrille open elastic back tip. Very chic model and dressed thanks to the fabric decorated with a flower.

    57,50 €
  • Espadrille Compensée Femme Memer

    Espadrille outsole rope. Very beautiful article beautiful finishes for this espadrille canvas open toe. Heel cotton and flange ensure excellent support.

    54,17 €
  • Espadrille Compensée Femme Mobel

    Espadrille stitched hand sewn rope. Very moose model with an extraordinary fit due to elastic off the kick. Fancy and comfort at the rendezvous.

    57,50 €
  • Espadrille Femme Murtor

    Espadrille sole rope.Very nice article beautiful finishes for this espadrille canvas closed toe.Talonette cotton and flange ensure an excellent hold.

    57,50 €
  • Espadrille Femme Mypen

    Rope sole, very high but wide to ensure stability. Hand sewn a fore strap and buckle around the ankle, this sneaker pattern will make you queen of the summer.

    57,50 €
  • Espadrille Compensée Femme Jolar

    Canvas espadrille, open at the front and elasticated strap at the back. Very beautiful satin fabric surmounted by a delicate flower made of lace.

    51,67 €
  • Espadrille Femme Compensée Jamir

    Espadrille canvas classic and sober, easy to wear. Closed front flange back 4 comfortable elastic flat. Designed for good support without discomfort. Ideal for long walks.

    49,17 €
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