• Espadrille Uni Lilas
    Espadrille Lilas

    Flat canvas espadrille handcrafted. Hand sewn made with natural...

    12,42 €
  • Média

    Wedge Espadrille Woman, hand sewn, mounted on a wedge compensated sole....

    54,17 €
  • Espadrille Blanc
    Espadrille Blanc

    Men's or Women's Espadrille The white espadrille is a great classic in...

    12,42 €
  • Gera

    Espadrille Hand sewn woman on rope sole. This model, 4 elastics,...

    49,17 €
  • Espadrille Beige
    Espadrille Beige

    Men's flat canvas espadrille handcrafted. Hand sewn made with natural...

    12,42 €
  • Espadrille Anis
    Espadrille Anis

    Espadrille handcrafted. Hand sewn made with natural materials, 100%...

    12,42 €
  • Espadrille Noir
    Espadrille Noir

    Black Espadrille Man or Woman. The essential and timeless espadrille a...

    12,42 €
  • Espadrille Jean Marine
    Espadrille Jean Marine

    Men's canvas espadrille Navy jeans go well with all outfits, from jeans...

    12,42 €

    Comfort model thanks to the flexible sole, you will be able to walk...

    24,17 €
  • Espadrille Marine
    Espadrille Marine

    Navy and blue espadrille for men and women. Always fashionable, easy to...

    12,42 €



Espadrille man sewn hand on rope sole. Two elastic moccasin shape for a good foot support. Comfort of the materials. Current trend for natural men.

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45,83 €

Tige Textile
Doublure Textile
Semelle Int. Textile
Semelle Ext. : Corde semelle caoutchouc
Fabrication : Cousu main
Info Pointure : Prenez votre pointure
Plus Produit : Lavable
Origine : Espagne
Hauteur de Talon : 2cm

Discover our collection of trendy men sneakers in canvas on rope sole.